Award-winning innovation


Award-winning innovation

3rd place for Kayser at the Innovation Award Göttingen 2021

Einbeck – Kayser Automotive was rewarded for its innovative spirit at the Innovation Award ceremony of WRG Wirtschaftsförderung Region Göttingen GmbH (WRG) on 27.9.2021. With the new development of the Kayser Guard, the company successfully prevailed against the submissions and took 3rd place.

The Kayser Guard takes a practical look at the future of mobility: The device is attached to the housing of the lithium-ion battery of electric cars. With a diaphragm, it ensures that moderate pressure fluctuations are compensated at all times. The protection of the inside of the housing is fully maintained and the battery remains shielded from environmental influences of any kind.

In the event of a short circuit, for example caused by an accident, the batteries heat up and release large quantities of gas in a short time. If this cannot escape in time, the metal housing explodes.

In this situation, the Kayser Guard releases a large flow cross-section through which the gases can escape. The targeted pressure equalization prevents an explosion and thus prevents a potentially dangerous explosion of the battery housing. For its award-winning innovation, Kayser further developed the pressure valve, which has to be mounted on the metal housings of the batteries, and has thus successfully brought a product to market maturity that meets the requirements of new mobility concepts and drive types.

A total of 124 applications were submitted for the Innovation Award of the Göttingen district, which in its 19th year followed the motto “Recognize perspectives – dare progress!”. Innovative products, processes, services and business ideas were sought. Anyone could apply: from young founders to established companies and institutions to independent sponsors and individuals.

In the category “Companies with more than 20 employees”, there were a total of 36 applications, against which Kayser successfully prevailed with its new explosion protection.

Congratulations for this award to our innovative heads in development! More information about the Kayser Guard can be found here.


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Protection against explosions

20.07.2021 Einbeck – The explosion of batteries in electric cars is to be prevented by an element that the Einbeck-based Kayser Group plans to launch at the end of the year. “If electromobility catches on, we will sell hundreds of thousands of our Kayser Guards every year,” expects head of development Heiko Freter.

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NAN – We are in!


"NAN-we are in"

The Lower Saxony Alliance for Sustainability distinguishes Kayser.

As a traditional family business KAYSER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS is aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We are developers and suppliers of innovative and highly complex systems in the fields of Fluid Management, Emission Control, Thermal Management and New Technologies for vehicles of all drive systems. The management systems, some of which were introduced 20 years ago, enable us to focus on important issues in the area of sustainability in production and day-to-day business. In particular, the close cooperation between the environmental, energy and occupational safety teams gives us the opportunity to continuously analyze our impact on the environment and our employees and to continuously improve. Energy efficiency through heat recovery systems and heat insulation at the plants as well as measures to reduce waste illustrate our sustainable actions. Sustainability is a very high priority at KAYSER, so we are very pleased to be able to say “We are in”!

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