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Thermo Management

Optimal battery temperature control in electric and hybrid vehicles is essential for long range and battery life. With our thermal management products, we ensure the best temperatures both in new energy vehicles (NEV) and in vehicles with conventional drives.

In our thermal management applications, we offer you a wide variety of valves, controls and line systems, including our own patented modular connector solutions. We design your system according to your specifications and ensure flawless thermal control in engines or battery cells while driving.

In the field of thermal management, we also offer air ducts in the passenger compartment for´vehicle air conditioning, raw air, clean air and charge air ducts in the engine compartment.


Kayser® TQC – The new modular system for BEV thermal management

Excellent thermal management is essential in electric vehicles for high ranges and a long battery life. A.KAYSER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS has developed the new modular system for couplings – Kayser® TQC (Thermo Quick Connector) – for thermal management in battery electric vehicles to ensure maximum connectivity to the various standards such as SAE and VDA.
Kayser is thus once again expanding its existing product range for hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

Kayser® TQC is a modular design consisting of a basic coupling and a corresponding SAE or VDA attachment.
The connection between the attachment and the coupling is based on the Kayser® MQC (Multi Quick Connector) patented by A.KAYSER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS, which has been used successfully by many OEMs for years.

The tooling concept is designed in such a way that, depending on the customer’s requirements, both a push-fit and a welding process are possible.
This makes it possible to achieve a large variability of coupling options in order to realise reliable, space-optimised connections for thermal management and to offer the customer significant cost advantages.