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Emission Control

„Emission Control for a green future“

With the introduction of lambda control for vehicles with catalytic converters, all emissions from a vehicle have been regulated by law.

This includes the hydrocarbons in the fuel canister. The volatile hydrocarbons are temporarily stored for reuse. This is where we come in as one of the world market leaders for activated carbon canister systems.

Our activated carbon canister are connected to the canister ventilation via the pressure equalisation line. Our cycle valve is located in the connecting line between the intake pipe and the activated carbon container. As soon as the lambda control is active, our cycle valve is activated and the line between the intake pipe and the activated carbon container is released. The air sucked in by negative pressure flows through the activated carbon, flushes it out again and returns the collected fuel to the engine for combustion.

In addition to the complete activated carbon canister systems, you will also find fuel tank isolation valves (FTIV), air filters, fuel filters, canister ventilation lines, crankcase ventilation, purge lines and many more products that contribute to reducing vehicle emissions.