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News from Kayser Automotive Systems

News from the company and the industry, fairs & dates


KAYSER purge lines

05.12.2022 KAYSER purge lines Emission control for a clean future Right now, everyone is talking about the mobility transition and the associated challenges with developing and manufacturing products for New
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FTIV Render

KAYSER FTIV – Emission control for a clean future

22.08.2022 KAYSER FTIV – Emission control for a clean future In vehicles with petrol engines, fuel vapours are produced due to the tendency of the fuel to permanently outgas during
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Start of Vocational Training 2022 in Einbeck

01.08.2022 Start of Vocational Training 2022 in Einbeck #startyourfuture This year’s start of vocational training on 1st August, the KAYSER Group welcomed 17 new Trainees and dual students at its
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Wearer trials with an exoskeleton

17.06.2022 Wearer trials with an exoskeleton Relief for our employees Although advancing automation is making more and more heavy physical tasks easier, there are still work processes that require manual
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Participant in the United Nations Compact

17.02.2022 Participant in the United Nations Compact KAYSER is part of it! Since January 2022 KAYSER is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Thus, we are a
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夏の黒部ダム 観光, 富山, ダム

KAYSER is sustainable!

19.01.2022 KAYSER is sustainable! Changeover of power procurement to renewable energy Sustainability will form part of core business in the future. This issue has long since reached the German automotive
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Premiere of our employee magazine

11.01.2022​ Premiere of our employee magazine The first issue of the KAYSER Group’s new employee magazine has arrived! Right on time for the Christmas holidays, every KAYSER Group employee received
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Inova – the career trade fair at TU Ilmenau

10.11.2021​ Inova – the career trade fair at TU Ilmenau​ Kayser offers students career opportunities! From 26 – 27 October 2021, the career forum for Central Germany was held in
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Award-winning innovation

06.10.2021​ Award-winning innovation 3rd place for Kayser at the Innovation Award Göttingen 2021 Einbeck – Kayser Automotive was rewarded for its innovative spirit at the Innovation Award ceremony of WRG
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Foto_Schutz gegen Explosionen

Protection against explosions

20.07.2021 Einbeck – The explosion of batteries in electric cars is to be prevented by an element that the Einbeck-based Kayser Group plans to launch at the end of the year. “If electromobility catches on, we will sell hundreds of thousands of our Kayser Guards every year,” expects head of development Heiko Freter.
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Initiative ViridisH2 Südniedersachsen

12.04.2021 Initiative ViridisH2 Südniedersachsen Kayser will be a cooperation partner. How can a decentralized green hydrogen economy from production to consumption be established in the region? This is the question
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Kayser® TQC – The new modular system for BEV thermal management

A.KAYSER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS has developed the new modular system for couplings – Kayser® TQC (Thermo Quick Connector) ...
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NAN – We are in!

27.05.2020​ “NAN-we are in” The Lower Saxony Alliance for Sustainability distinguishes Kayser. As a traditional family business KAYSER AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS is aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We are
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