KAYSER purge lines


KAYSER purge lines

Emission control for a clean future

Right now, everyone is talking about the mobility transition and the associated challenges with developing and manufacturing products for New Energy Vehicles (NEVs). Using our momentum and expertise, KAYSER is also working persistently with customers and partners on solutions and ideas to support this global shift of many mobility applications.

The diversity of the many applications and markets makes the changeover to emission-free drive systems a task which, in global terms, will probably only be overcome gradually over the next two decades. Until then, smart solutions and systems based on the known drive forms with combustion engines are still required in parallel with these new technologies. Around the world, ever more stringent emission requirements are being applied to further reduce environmental pollution in the meantime. These requirements demand the integration of technically high-quality and specific components and systems.

For decades, KAYSER has been a highly competent development partner and one of the leading manufacturers of fuel system components and modules. Amog other things, evaporative emissions in the tank system must be limited and regulated as part of the various legislation, among other things, in order to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible. The KAYSER purge lines are another part of the puzzle: we have been supplying these to customers far and near and in large quantities for many years.

In tank ventilation systems, these lines have the important task of transporting the fuel vapours from the tank to the activated carbon casing and then to the feed-in point on the combustion engine.

Our extensive in-house development and production capabilities enable us to respond to the most varied of system and customer requirements by coming up with a corresponding design, material selection and assembly structure.

Our modern, high-quality production methods allow us to coordinate and adapt the design of the assembly, routing and fittings with specifically compatible components to suit the system requirements and customer specifications.

Depending on the system requirement, the plastic lines can be designed with segments made of smooth tube and/or corrugated tube, as a single-layer or multi-layer tube, and supplemented with joining elements or components for pressure regulation or recording.

In addition, many further necessary system components, such as jet pumps and fluid control valves, can be integrated directly from the KAYSER range.

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